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Asus Ultratablet: Combining the Awesome Quality of Transformers and Power of Kal-El

Qossay Takroori 2012/02/07

Brace yourself for the coolest tablet yet, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.  How does it outclass the not-so varied array of other tablets out in the market today?  The Transformer Prime has stepped up the game and elevated itself above the tablet market that’s fast reaching swarming proportions with its ultra-enhanced app performance, ergonomics, and overall sleek design.

Asus Ultratablet: Combining the Awesome Quality of Transformers and Power of Kal El

The World's First Quad-processor Tablet From Asus

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime got first dibs to run the latest Android 4.0 operating system, nicknamed Ice Cream Sandwich.  And to complement that, the ultratablet also boasts of being the first tablet to have a quad-processor, NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor.  The 1.4GHz super-processor, aka “Kal-El,” is not faster than a speeding bullet but is the fastest processor out there yet.  Supported by 1Gbyte of RAM, Kal-El pushes user interface and graphics rendering times at higher speeds; pages load and flow fast and very smoothly when you browse the web.  For hard gaming, the graphics quality is mind-blowing.  And multitaskers won’t have to worry about simultaneously running programs responding more slowly.

Asus Ultratablet: Combining the Awesome Quality of Transformers and Power of Kal El

Do you see how thin this table is?

And if you don’t need all that quad-core power, there’s also a separate 500MHz “companion core” that is specifically intended for undemanding tasks that don’t require a lot of juice.  The backup core maximizes battery life; the 25Wh lithium-polymer battery reduces display brightness by 50 percent when only simple tasks are being run and this extends battery life up to 11 hours.  If you can fork over an additional $150, you can also get the auxiliary Mobile Dock which not only gives you an additional six hours of juice with its own 22Wh lithium-polymer battery, but also gives the tablet more functionality.

The ultratablet also features an 8-megapixel rear camera and LED flash that take high quality shots and 1080p videos.  There’s also nothing to complain about the smooth video streaming and clear audio quality.

The Transformer Prime’s best features are not limited under the hood; it’s also a beauty to behold.  It has a lightness and sleekness that’s comparable to Apple’s iPad2; weighing only 1.29 pounds and being only 0.32 inches thick, it is highly portable and not at all inconvenient to take with you anywhere.

For viewing web pages, playing games, reading books, watching videos, or simply browsing through pictures, the 10.1-inch Corning Gorilla Glass display’s 1280×800 resolution does not disappoint.  To top it off, the display also takes advantage of the Super IPS+ technology to provide maximum brightness and allow an impressive and very useful 178-degree-wide viewing angle.  Compared to the iPad 2 whose screen brightness is only 350 nits, the Transformer Prime can boost screen brightness up to 600 nits; this means you won’t have problems with glare when you want to use your tablet outdoors in the middle of the day.

In terms of overall performance and design, the Transformer Prime definitely lives up to its namesake’s level of awesomeness.


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