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Cancer Chemicals Found In Pringles and Other Products

Qossay Takroori 2008/09/14

Cancer Chemicals Found In Pringles and Other Products

A study by the Food Standards Agency found organic products sold under Prince Charles’s Duchy Original brand contain elevated levels of a cancer-causing chemical. The agency published a list of products that contain the cancer-causing chemical “Acrylamide”; probably this list will shock most of you since we including me consume some these products almost regularly.

Hula Hoops, Ryvita, Pringles and Tesco Ginger Nut biscuits are among these products.

Acrylamide is formed when starch-rich foods are fried, baked, grilled or toasted at high temperatures.

Do you eat KFC’s, McDonald’s or Burger King’s chips? Well, the study found also that among fast-food chains, acrylamide level were highest in the chips served by these restaurants, especially KFC.

The Ryvita Company said: ‘It is important to recognize that wholegrain foods, such as Ryvita crispbread, play an important role in the diet and that there is compelling evidence to show that a diet rich in whole grain foods is actually good for your health.

‘Ryvita continues to be actively engaged in finding new ways of reducing acrylamide in crispbread.’

Source – dailymail.co.uk

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