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Cosmetologists used stem cells for breast augmentation

Qossay Takroori 2008/08/24

Cosmetologists used stem cells for breast augmentation Cosmetic surgeons have tried using fat for a long time to enlarge breasts, but the fat would die soon. Now, using stem cells cosmetic surgeons in Japan and Europe are using them for breast augmentation. The Wall Street Journal reported recently that the some surgeons in the United States started using the procedure, the FDA has no power over surgical procedures but but says fat mixed with stem cells would come under its purview.

Doctors extract fat from anywhere in a woman’s body, fortified with stem cells results in breast that look and feel more natural than those with silicone implants. However, doctors fear from that fact that the procedure may produce long-term problems including breast cancer. No information yet provided about the cost of stem cell breast augmentation or the recovery time.

Source – UPI

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