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Do you need glasses after LASIK surgery?

Qossay Takroori 2008/06/28

With the highly advanced technology in terms of eye treatments, gave a promising hope for people who wear glasses. But wait !!!! People who decided to pay a lot of money to perform LASIK surgery think that will never need to wear eyeglasses or contacts after the surgery. But according to WebMd one of the most trusted name in Health and Medicine, “this is a huge misunderstanding and the statement is inaccurate.” This is why:

  • The LASIK procedure may not fully correct the preoperative refractive error. This is common for extremely nearsighted (myopic) folks. LASIK will, however, convert them to thinner, lighter eyewear.
  • Perfect LASIK throws you into the swimming pool with all emmetropes (folks needing zero correction at distance). This sounds great but there’s a catch. Around age 40 emmetropes begin to experience symptoms caused by age-related loss of near focusing (presbyopia).
  • The LASIK procedure may generate imperfect results. Residual (or new) amounts of refractive error may require post-op correction. Credit WebMD

Just to remind you that scientist already had a great success to restor eyes sight / correction using Stem Cell.

Do you need glasses after LASIK surgery?

Why You Should Be Careful From LASIK?

Over a dozen of LASIK patient’s or their families reported about a month ago about sever reactions after the procedure, moreover their doctors didn’t warn them that vision loss or eye dryness could persist, in some cases, for years.

“For a small minority, their regret is profound,” said Todd Krouner, a New York attorney who represents about half a dozen LASIK patients, including the wife of a former police officer who Krouner said blamed a botched LASIK surgery for his suicide.

“It is not about the 20 minutes in surgery, it’s about what came before it and what has come after it. It’s about a lack of solution for them,” said Rebecca Petris, a former LASIK patient who now runs a network of dissatisfied patients.

The point is that if you seek LASIK to eliminate eyeglasses “at least for a while”, make sure to remember that you might go back and wear them again.

The debate about the procedure is still there, because LASIK surgeons reported last month that over 95% of their patients were completely satisfied with the proseducre. The FDA said that they are going to evalute the information from different studies and reports and see how they are going to warn patiens before they take the decision to perform the surgery.

Sources – WebMD , FDA

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  • Debbie

    My LASIK surgery center, TLC (the one which treated Tiger Woods’ eyes), only surveyed my satisfaction with the procedure within 3-6 months after having my surgery. I would like to see the LASIK surgeons survey their patients after 2 years, or 5….

    After 4 years, I needed glasses for distance and working at the computer (though not for reading). As I was shopping for glasses, the various opticians heard me mention the LASIK, and then they would ask, “So what has it been, 5 years? Yep, that’s how long it takes before you need glasses again.” Though of course they’re not referring to every patient who has LASIK, it sounded like a more common occurence than the percentage I was given at the time of my surgery.

    Also, though I struggled to see the letters (sometimes couldn’t even them at all) on my vision tests, my optometrist would still record me as 20/20. A year and a half after my surgery, when I reported I still had to squint for many distance tasks, he said I may have astigmatism.

    Had I stuck to contacts and not gotten the LASIK, I may just have started needing inexpensive, over-the-counter reading glasses by now (I’m 45 and elected to have monovision LASIK). But now I need progressive glasses and computer glasses. The glasses are expensive, and it’s a hassle to change them back and forth.

  • David Carpenter

    I had Lasik a few years ago. The doctor told me that pre-surgical tests indicated that he could correct my vision to 20/10 (better than 20/20). After surgery, I could not see much of anything for a day. My vision slowly improved for about 2 months. I now have fairly good distance vision but I still need glasses for reading or using the computer.

    Since my experience, I have done some intensive research into Lasik. I would not have the surgery today considering what I found out. For those individuals with poor results, the changes can be life altering. The results are not worth the risks.

  • firdos

    I had lasik Surgery 5 years back in left eye (Before Surgery my eye sight was for left eye:-(-7.5) and for rigth eye :-(-1.25).but after surgery my left eye sight got reduced to -3.I am using eye glasses now becoz i cant see things which are far away.I would like to have lasik surgery for both of my eyes now.Could you please tell me Is it good to have lasik surgery again for my both of the eyes.

    Thank you,
    Waiting for your Rep

    • Qossay Takroori

      Hello firdos and thank you for your comment. I am not a medical expert, so I cannot really give you the advice you are looking for. However, there are many resources that you can refer to for help. is great source.

  • Dena

    Educating about the LASIK surgery by clearly explaining how the surgery goes on and the consequences of surgery is appreciated and suggestions for enhancing our vision by this method is preferrable.My mom has the problem with her vision but never prefer using glasses or contacts constantly her sight has been increasing so i concluded LASIK is best option to her.I think this LASIK surgery best suits her and we stay at speccy, i’d like to go for laser eye surgery as suggested. Thanks alot!!!

  • John

    I had Lasik done almost 12 years ago. I was told that I would need reading glasses when I reach the age of 45, but I was hoping that by then, they would have "reading glasses Lasik" invented. :) Well, this year, I turn 40. And I'm starting to see a need for reading glasses to work. Oh well. Maybe in another 10 years, something will be invented.

    Getting Lasik was one of the best things that I have done. I have to remember that I actually had it done so long ago. Back then it cost me about $1700. But it was so worth it considering that I was able to stop seeing optometrists for over a decade as well and spending more on contacts.