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Fertility Tests for Men Under Review By The FDA

Qossay Takroori 2010/02/28

Fertility Tests for Men Under Review By The FDA The FDA is currently reviewing a new device that tests fertility problems in men. This device, according to scientists, targets couples who are struggling to conceive.

Dr John Herr of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, who helped developing the test said ” it would suit those couples who have tried to get pregnant for a few months but aren’t ready to seek professional help yet”.

After the test, the device will show whether the man has any fertility problems or not. If yes, then he should consult a medical advice or treatment.

Sperm counts of 20 million per milliliter of semen and above are considered normal and a test will tell if a man’s sperm count meets this level and if he has a severely low sperm count of below five million sperm per milliliter.

‘If both strips are negative it’s important that they then seek medical treatment for the infertility.’

The test works by detecting an antigen found on the surface of the head of a sperm cell known as SP-10.

If approved, it will cost around 25$ only. Much cheaper than going in and having a full semen analysis,

About 10 percent of reproductive-age couples in the United States will have difficulty getting pregnant. About 30 percent of cases are due to problems in the woman, 30 percent to problems in the man, and the rest to unexplained causes or multiple factors involving both partners. BabyCenter

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