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Ten Tips And Tricks To Memorize Almost Any Thing

Qossay Takroori 2007/11/12

Ten Tips And Tricks To Memorize Almost Any Thing

Human brain is powerful that makes people do the impossible possible. I have some tips for you in order to be able to memorize some hard terminology, definitions, and sentences for any class.

Let me go head and summarize what I think very useful tips from my own experience:

Do not go to study while you are very hungry or very full. So, don’t eat three or four burger sandwiches and then go to study, because your brain and body will feel lazy and sleepy and you will lose your concentration.

Prepare the environment. Make the atmosphere around you quite and peaceful. For example, turn off the music, TV or any distractions.

Prepare your pencil, notebook and note cards.

Divide the martial. For example if you have a 10 pages chapter, divide the chapter into 3 or 4 sections.

Start reading the five pages as you are reading a story. While you are reading highlight the main points of the paragraph or the page. Don’t try to memorize any thing.

Go back to the first page or paragraph and take a look at the first highlight. Then ready it out loud.

Close your eyes and then repeat what you already read. Try not to look back at the book and try to remember what you read. Take your time!!!!!!

Look at the paragraph read the highlights again, close your eyes and then try to summarize your understanding on a paper. Then write that down on your not card.

Keep going on studying in the same strategy. DON’T GIVE UP. Also don’t leave studying every 10 or 20 minutes, keep studying for a long time for example an hour and half or two hours strait.

Give your self a break for about half an hour. Do something you like, for example listen to music, go outside for a while, and watch Friends. LOL. Then go back to studying and keep on going studying until you are done.

Finally, the most important of all the above is CONCENTRATION CONCENTRATION and CONCENTRATION. No matter how much time or how you study the martial, without consecration you will learn NOTHING.
I hope these tips help you to do better in your education.
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  • micheal

    very interesting post.. im definately coming back for more!

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    thank you, this is very helpful

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    this would be my impression for memorizing

    thanks a lot.

  • wajeeha

    Nice i like it and i will apply it !

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    yeh dis is d impressive suggestion which i ever searched

  • Trilok

    thanks…im sure gonna do whats said here!

  • Trilok

    thanks…im sure gonna do whats said here!


    Useful! thank you.

    Any tips on how to enjoy a history/geography lesson.

    I'm terrible at remebering the dates! Thanks.

  • pat

    sounds good ive tried some of it

  • Bhakta Raj Joshi


    The tips are worthy. However, the tricks to enjoy the lessons are excluded. Anyway, I hope these idea can change my lifestyle. I appreciate you!

  • the loAner

    'was lookin for some more precise,straight to feild techinques….sharpen it buddy!!1

  • Hamza

    its good :)

  • student

    what if you have to memorize lists in perfect order? because i have to memorize 10+ lists perfectly for a test! any suggestions?

    • Qossay Takroori

      Try this…. It works most of the time.

      1. Look at the first three items on your list.
      2. Close your eyes and try to remember them. Try your best. Don’t be weak.
      3. If you succeed then move on to the next 3 items. If not, look again and see what you missed then close your eyes and try again.
      4. I would recommend using a paper and pencil to write the items down.
      5. Use visualization to memorize difficult items.

      Good Luck

  • Sailendra

    If there are 10 words, read first…read second….read–first,second….read third…read–first,second,third….

  • rohit

    its awesome .i memorize too many times but in paper i am blank what i do ? i cant write it because it is so much

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    I have to memorize a 15 line poem. and I am terrible at memorizing things. What would you suggest?

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    It’s cooool!!! i guess it might help in my studies

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  • Arveena

    These tips work in real. Thank You for doing this much help to me ….

  • Arveena

    These tips work in real. Thank You for doing this much help to me ….

  • Arveena

    These tips work in real. Thank You for doing this much help to me ….