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The Top Five Free Online Storage Sites

Qossay Takroori 2007/11/13

Collection of the best online free storage website, where you can upload and save your files such as PDF, Movies, Music, Office documents Etc.. You can always suggest any other site to include them in my list.

1. Adrive: gives you up to 50GB online storage with public file sharing feature. The website is very easy to use. You can share your file instantly with your friends or family while keeping the unshared files safe and private. Adrive users can choose to share the file after uploading them to their server by clicking on share file. This will generated a unique URL that you can give to your family and friends. Moreover, you can immediately unshared the file by clicking on unshared button.

This new file sharing feature allows ADrive users to link and share their ADrive files from web pages, blogs, and social-networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster.

Key Features:

ADrive is designed to simplify the management of your data-intensive life. You no longer have to worry about running out of storage space on your local hard drive, and no more hassling with external storage devices. Are you afraid of losing your precious photos or entire collection of music if you get a virus or your computer crashes? By uploading and storing your files with ADrive you are protecting your data from outside threats or computer failures. Simply login to your ADrive account from any web browser to view, download, or upload your files.

ADrive is your secure location for your valuable data. You no longer have to worry about running out of storage space on your local hard drive, and no more hassling with external storage devices.

2. this website gives you up to 5GB of storage. Even though Adrive gives you more storage space, Xdrive have a really powerful tools and features than make it even easier for you to use. For example, you can drop and drag files, schedule a backup and other many interesting features.

Xdrive Service Description:

Speed up your day by taking advantage of our free Power Tool downloads. Xdrive goes beyond the Web to give you the tools you need, so you can more efficiently complete the tasks you do the most. Download our free desktop software and integrate Xdrive seamlessly with your computer — just like an external hard drive! Drag and drop files and entire folders directly into your account or schedule backups to happen automatically. Use our new AutoCopy feature to synchronize your music and photo files.

Xdrive Desktop Software

Download Xdrive Desktop and integrate Xdrive seamlessly with your computer — just like an external hard drive! Drag and drop files and entire folders directly into your account. New Desktop Software v5.1 for Windows 2000/NT4/XP/Vista has the features you need:

  • Easy to use Backup Smart Pick Options
  • Schedule multiple automated backups
  • Access Xdrive through Windows Explorer
  • Manage and share folders and files
  • Drag and drop folders and files
  • Open and save files directly from applications
  • In-product help and user-friendly wizards
  • Enhanced look and feel with the option of interchangeable skins
  • Build-in Restore Functionality
  • Upload accelerator

Upload Accelerator super-compresses files to shave seconds off transfer time. Xdrive will easily upload whole folders as well as files, automatically restart if interrupted, and pause and resume. For even more efficiency, a tracking system looks at all the files and prevents any duplicate uploads.

E-mail Attachment upload

Archive the old, make way for the new. It’s easy to move bulky e-mail attachments to Xdrive and give yourself some space. The upload feature strips attachments and saves them to a specified folder and even to your preferences. Simply fill in the required e-mail account information, click Get Attachments and start uploading attachments instantly to Xdrive!

Xdrive Desktop Client

Instantly upload, share, and schedule a backup of any file or folder. Xdrive Desktop integrates into your Windows Explorer so you can easily drag and drop files and folders directly to your Xdrive account hassel-free. Included with Xdrive Desktop, you also get the benefits of the popular Skip the Download® plugin to make your uploads from the Web quick and easy. Simply download the Xdrive Desktop Software for free and start uploading today.


3. MediaMax: this website gives you up to 25GB of storage. take a look at their features.

Free Online Storage

Store files online for free. Get 25 GBs of FREE online storage. MediaMax, powered by Streamload, gives you online storage so you can upload files, store files and share files including videos, photos, music and work-related documents. MediaMax is the best free online file storage for all your digital files.

Upload Files to Your Private Account

Upload files including videos, photos, and music for personal online media storage. Upload music files, upload photos, and upload videos in the click of a button. MediaMax provides quick, easy, and free file upload.Once your file upload is complete, your online files are automatically backed up and accessible 24-hours per day from any Internet-connected PC. MediaMax provides the Internet’s best free web storage.

Free Storage for Any File Type

Store files online for anytime access and automatic backup. With MediaMax you get free music storage, free photo storage, free video storage, free file storage, and free media storage in one convenient account. MediaMax is the easiest way to get free internet storage for all your digital media.

Free Storage and Backup

MediaMax online storage is the safest way to store files online. You can access your files on the web whenever you need them using your private login information. Files stored online in your MediaMax account are automatically backed up and accessible from the Internet.

Free File Hosting – Host Files Online

Host videos, host files, host audio, host images, and host documents on the web. All MediaMax accounts include online file hosting!MediaMax, powered by Streamload, gives you a fast and easy way to host files. Simply upload files and host files for others to access. Anyone can view your hosted files by navigating to can also post a URL to the hosted file on your blog, on MySpace, on your website, or on eBay. MediaMax makes it quick and easy to host files online.

Online Video Hosting

Get free video hosting with MediaMax. All accounts enable you to enjoy hosting videos and hosting files for your friends and family to view. You can host videos on MySpace or post them to your blog for anyone to enjoy. There’s no easier way to host videos online for free.


4. Divshare: This is a really awesome website. I use it a lot because they have really good features in terms of organizing your files and the size limits. Also there is UNLIMITED storage space. Here are their features.

Unlimited document and media sharingView your videos, audio and documents in Flash, without downloading or leaving the page.No storage limits. No download limits. Your files stay online forever. Share your documents and media the private, professional way. It’s free, no string attached.

Visit Diveshare

5. is an online storage and sharing service that gives you access to your files from anywhere. With Box, you can access important documents from your desktop computer, laptop, or even mobile phone. Once you’ve uploaded your files to your online storage on Box, you can also share them with anyone, anytime — Box makes online web file sharing simple.

Send files to anyone

Send files of any type — large documents, photos, videos, zip files — to friends, contacts and clients. Forget the hassle of sending email attachments — with Box, you just send them a link to the file. It’s web file sharing at its easiest.

Keep a safe copy

Your data is valuable, and there’s nothing safer than keeping an extra copy of important files in online storage. Box is an online backup solution that makes it easy to have that peace of mind.

Email uploading

Upload files to your Box online storage by sending an email to The next time you receive an attachment you’d like to save or work on later, forward it to us and it will be saved to your account.

Publishing with Box

If you have a website or eBay auctions, you can host your photos and other files on Box. There are no bandwidth limits on web file sharing. You simply upload a file, right-click on it, and get a link. The file is instantly hosted.


6. OmniDrive: Omnidrive is a place to store your files online that’s as easy to use as a local hard drive. Unlike your hard drive, Omnidrive makes it easy to collaborate on files with others, edit files online using powerful online applications, share with your team or friends or publish to the world with just a couple of clicks.

  • Easy to Use Drag and drop files onto your Omnidrive to get them securely onto the web. Edit them as you would any other file and Omnidrive will automatically update the online copy.
  • Secure Storage 128bit SSL encryption keeps your files safe while they travel the web. Pro accounts only.
  • Massive No more running out of disk space. Free 1GB Omnidrive accounts can store over 700 photos , over 13 hours of music, thousands of documents. Omnidrive Pro accounts can grow as big as you need them to be.
  • Backup If you lose, damage or replace your computer, connect to your Omnidrive and get your files back.

Instant Sharing Omnidrive sends an email to the exact people you want to share a file with. Files can be read-only or editable by the people you share it with choice of Tools Use powerful Windows or Mac clients for accessing your Omnidrive as though it was a local hard drive. Use the web client to connect from anywhere on any computer.

Omnidrive for Individuals

Take your music collection with you anywhere
Grab your important files anytime with any web browser
Take work home from school or the office
Take home files to work

Omnidrive for Businesses

Share a giant Omnidrive so that your team is connected to their files wherever they are without the need for a complicated VPN or server infrastructure.
Get the benefit of WebDAV so that your team can directly map their Omnidrive in Windows or Mac. Open and edit Office documents online.

Visit Omnidrive

7. Mozy: Chances are you have a lot of important stuff on your computer like financial documents, email, digital photos, music and more. Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters, which can erase everything in an instant. Mozy is a simple and safe way to back up all the important stuff on your computer. A copy of your data is stored in a secure, remote location for safekeeping, so that in the event of disaster your data is still retrievable.

Visit Mozy

8. FlipDrive: FlipDrive is your Internet Hard Drive. Securely store, access, backup and share your documents, files, photos, and any other data. All your data is stored online in one convenient and secure location, and available to you anytime – anywhere. Don’t Lose It. Protect It!
Do you have a backup plan and a way to recover your data in case of a computer failure? What would you do if all your data stored on your hard disk would disappear? Just the thought of this probably makes you frustrated. But wait. There is no need to panic. FlipDrive securely stores and protects your data from any harm. While normal backup solutions are vulnerable to the same threats and attacks as your computer, FlipDrive safely keeps your data online, providing you with an truly secure offsite backup.

Visit FlipDrive

9. BlogBackupOnline: This is a different type of backup and its very useful for bloggers. Incase of a virus attack, or hacking, you can backup your blog easyly with BlogBackupOnline. Are you using wordpress, blogger, typepad or Joomla? Nor worries, take that safety step and register at blog backup and save years of hard work. Until now, backing up your blog was complicated and tedious. BlogBackupOnline provides an effortless way to backup, restore, and export your blog.

Visit Blog Back Up Online

10. MediaFire: is the simplest free file hosting service for businesses, professionals, and individuals to share files and images with others. MediaFire is a free and unlimited file and image hosting web site with no strings attached. Our goal is to help make the internet a more interesting and media rich place by provide the fastest and most simple to use tool for sharing all kinds of files in almost any way imaginable. Registration is completely optional and every feature of the service is available to you whether you choose to create an account or not. If you choose to, creating an account is easy and free, allowing you to quick and secure access to your saved files from any computer.

Creating folders on MediaFire is easy! You can create an unlimited number of folders and sub folders to store, organize and share your files and images. MediaFire also provides easy to use privacy tools allowing you to keep some files hidden as private and other files downloadable as public. You can even set passwords for your sensitive files allowing you a flexible and adaptable free file hosting system. Easily embed images on any web site Create and share image galleries Manage and organize your files with folders.

Visit MediaFire

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    Yes, the best site for that purpose is picasa from Google. You can upload hundreds for pictures with only one click using picasa software. its easy to use and its free.

    You can download the software form here
    and this is the link to login to picasa web album

    Good Luck

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    Interesting article. Backups are more important today then they have ever been in my opinion, if you loose your data and you cant recover it then your business is dead. Thanks again.

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