Monday 30th March 2015,

New Drug Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease in Mice


Are we getting closer to discovering a drug that helps people with Alzheimer’s disease? How far are we? It breaks your heart when you hear a daughter saying that her dad forgot her name or who she was. Don’t you agree? A group of researchers led by led Marguerite have [...]

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Brisk Walking Is the Best For Your Health

Woman walking on trail path in summer

The next time you exercise, try brisk walking.  When your doctor advises you  to follow a regular exercise program, he doesn’t mean to hit the gym every day and lift heavy weights.  All what he means is to get into the habit of following simple and regular exercise regimen as [...]

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Are College Sport Kids More Depressed?


While sports, which engage players in physical activities is considered to reduce mental stress, researches point out otherwise. A study conducted by Dr. Daniel Merenstein, associate professor with Georgetown University Medical Center throws light on the fact that depression piles up in students who participate in athletics in college. The [...]

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Worst U.S Cities for Allergies


The Asthma and Allergy Foundation’s Annual top 10 list of worst cities was released recently, revealing the cities where people with allergies should not visit, or at least, expect for their allergies to trigger. Following the unusually wet winter is a season with higher pollen levels, so people with pollen [...]

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Computer To Read Your Dreams

Dreams Road Sign

Neuroscientist Masako Tamaki of Brown University explained in Live Science, the latest breakthrough in psychoanalysis—the computer’s capability to read people’s dreams. The findings, which were published on April 4 by the journal Science, explained how Tamaki and her colleagues used the Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or fMRI to track brain [...]

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Energy Drinks and Death

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks your the path to silence death?.  Here we go again; every once and while when I flip through the professional health information resources online such as WebMD, I see an article or so discouraging people from consuming energy drinks due to their harmful side effects. We know that [...]

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Less Salt Might Save Your Live


People who follow low-salt diet are more likely to save their lives by preventing major health problems such as hypertension and heart disease.  Many restaurants around the county have already removed salt shakers from the tables to discourage customers from adding more salt to their food. The British Medical Journal [...]

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