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Nokia Features Shoot-to-Translate Cameraphone

Qossay Takroori 2008/04/18

Nokia Features Shoot to Translate Cameraphone The new mobile phone from Nokia is called Shoot-to-Translate, which means you can take a picture on your cell phone and then translate that picture to English using kind of software in the cell phone. Sounds cool ha !!!, this might make it easier for people who travel a lot to foreign lands. Using that feature they can take a picture of any road sing in Chinese or any other language and translate it to English.

The text released with the prototype demonstration unit for the Shoot-to-Translate cellphone is as follows:

“Shoot to Translate: a demonstration using software that translates written characters into another language; the original text is captured with the camera on the Nokia multimedia computer and translation happens in real time.”

At present, the Nokia Shoot-to-Translate feature only translates Chinese to English.

Via Nokia Shoot-to-translate Camera

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