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The World’s Fastest Cat

Qossay Takroori 2009/09/16

Sarah, an eight year old cheetah broke the record of the word’s fastest cat on earth. Before Sarah’s attempt, the world record was 6.19 for the 100 meters back in 2001. Sarah’s record was 6.16 seconds for the 100 meters.

Last month Usain Bolt ran 100 miles in only 9.58 seconds, he is considered the fastest man on earth also.

The Worlds Fastest Cat

The Worlds Fastest Cat

The Worlds Fastest Cat

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  • Rylie

    How thts amazing

  • Rylie

    Wow!!!!! thts amazing.

  • clae

    Usain Bolt DID NOT run 100 MILES in 9 seconds! He did run 100 metres, however!!!!!