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Former NASA astronaut revealed alien secret

Qossay Takroori 2008/07/27

Edgar Mitchell, a 77 year old ex-NASA astronaut, who walked on the moon for about nine hours in the Apollo 14 mission back in Feb 9, 1971; said he is still totally sure life exists elsewhere in the universe and governments such as the U.S have tried to hide the information about the existence of aliens for a long time.

Former NASA astronaut revealed alien secret

An ex-NASA astronaut says he is still "totally sure" life exists elsewhere in the universe and earthly governments have tried to hide the existence of aliens.

From time to time, we hear about people reporting seeing unidentified objects floating in the sky, even through history “primitive” civilizations came up with such strikingly similar images of what we today consider to be unidentified flying objects.

Former NASA astronaut revealed alien secret

How can such "primitive" civilizations come up with such strikingly similar images of what we today consider to be unidentified flying objects?

“There’s not much question at all that there is life throughout the universe. I’m totally sure we are not alone,” he said in an interview with Kerrang! Radio in Birmingham, England, this week. He also added “we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real — though it’s been covered up by governments for the last 60 years or so.”

NASA official responded back immediately by saying “NASA does not track UFOs. Dr. Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinion on this issue,” the space agency said in a statement.

Now it’s your turn, do you believe in aliens? Why and why not?


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  • Elio Galluzzi

    Edgar Mitchell is a person who deserves all my respect. If he claims so, we should really start to think it’s true. Amazing post.

  • David Carpenter

    During the 90′s a lot of space shuttle video was recorded and released to the public. This video absolutely proves that NASA is aware of anomalous spacecraft and other highly unusal phenomenon. The video from mission STS-75 (tether incident) is one of the best to watch.

    What Mitchell says is very consistant with info from other knowedgable people. I would not believe a single word from NASA on this subject.

  • admin

    Thank you for pointing out the movie, I looked for it and watch it on youtube. Very Interesting !!! here is the video

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    HATONN: That was the very last time America and the world ever got unscripted, live transmissions from your Apollo Moon missions—or any other space missions. Because what the two astronauts saw out their windows was ABOVE-TOP-SECRET, and under penalty of death to the discloser.

    2/15/10 from HATONN/jonur

    Hatonn present in service unto God Aton and unto

    man; the teachers are always there, chelas, awaiting

    the petitioning of the one seeking knowledge. So be

    it. Salu!



    Again I must ask—what did you imagine when God

    and His Mighty Angels and Archangels descend

    belongs to God.

    upon the Earth? Go back 2,000 years ago. Go back

    6,000 years ago, or Pre-historic times—what do you

    REALLY think your great, great ancestors saw and

    experienced that caused them to leave behind, for

    you to find, pictures and rock carvings of “visitors

    from afar”?

  • HiddenName

    Okay guys… First of all it would be crazy if the humans are the only creatures out there in space.. So i defiantly believe there is other living creatures living on other planets..

    The only thing i HATE is when people suspects NASA for "hiding alien evidence"!

    NASA is spending billions of dollars each year, trying to find those creatures you believe them to be hiding! That is one crazy idea… What profit would this give to NASA?

    • Nibirux

      You are right " HiddenName" I never thought of it, but maybe one of the reasons why they would hide that information is to not panic the public that there " may be " life on our very own moon

    • Tlgriffin

      It’s not crazy to believe that NASA would hide evidence of alien existence since it’s controlled and funded by the federal government. It is our government that is doing the hiding of aliens to the general public, so it’s only natural that NASA would follow the plan.

  • rogerp

    Funny NASA denies, many are sceptical about truth, and yet existence is there.  Why cover up something that might actually reveal past and present truths about our planet and civilization?  Mitchell is correct and more of his stature should speak out, and force governments to reveal the existence of other life.