Sunday 29th March 2015,

Germ Found In Your Mouth Might Cause Colon Cancer – Study

microb fn and mouth cleaning

How often do you wash your mouth and brush your teeth? Here is another reason why you should keep your mouth, gum and teeth clean and healthy. According to a new study, researchers have identified a type of germ found in the mouth that linked to colon cancer. Yiping Han [...]

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Smoking and Drinking Increase Brain Decline – New Study

drinking brain

Those who smoke and consume alcohol heavily do so at the risk of faster brain decline says a recent research. Dr. Gareth Hagger-Johnson, University College London researched on the effects of such heavy smoking and alcohol consumption on cognitive functioning. The result shows that smokers who consume alcohol heavily experience [...]

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Cat Allergy Caused By Cat Skin – New Research


While most people are allergic to protein found in cat saliva, and urine, they have also found protein in cat dander, and concluded this as the most common cause of cat allergy. The recent article that was published in Journal of immunology about the treatment of allergy triggers proved to [...]

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Genetically Modified Corn Is Highly Toxic – New Report

GMO Corn

In an alarming revelation, the results of a study throw light on the health hazards that go with GMO corn. The toxic chemicals present in the lab-produced corn pose high-level threats to health. A consulting company made the comparison between corn types. The results of the study by this education-based [...]

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The World’s Largest Virus

large virus

Pushing back Megavirus, which was considered the biggest virus when it was found in 2011, Pandoravirus has occupied the top slot. The massive sized virus is two times bigger than the Megavirus. Its volume is 1000 times more than that of common flu, which could give you an idea about [...]

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Memory Decline? Watch for Dementia

Memory Loss

One of the most common conditions associated with aging is memory loss. When a senior complains of difficulty in recalling anything, it is assigned to the fact that he is aging. However, it could not be dismissed as easily as that. A decline in memory that goes beyond occasional slips [...]

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Are You On The ‘Bite List’ Of Mosquitoes More Often?

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If mosquitoes target you more than others around you, it could be owing to your body chemistry. While looking to draw blood, female mosquitoes sniff the person using their smell receptors. These smell receptors identify the chemical composition in the host’s body to signal if the target has the desired [...]

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