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Japanese Cosmetics Maker Shiseido Develops “Magic Mirror”

Qossay Takroori 2011/04/08

If you have ever walked through the cosmetics area in a major department store, you are aware of the powerful sales tool known as “the makeover.” Now Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company has brought the makeover into the digital age with their magic make-up mirror.

Japanese Cosmetics Maker Shiseido Develops “Magic Mirror”

Here is how it works; you look into a “mirror”, but what you are seeing is your digital photo that is being shown on a LCD display. Because it is a touch sensitive screen, the make-up artists are able to paint your makeover on the image of your face on the screen. They have more that 50 different shades of eye shadow, 50 shades of lip color, a dozen different blushes, plus bronzers and cheek tints.

As they, or you, apply different combination of makeup on the image of your face on the screen, it continues to track in real time with your movements. As you turn your head to see the side of your face, the image in the mirror moves as well, allowing you to see the makeup from different angles.

Japanese Cosmetics Maker Shiseido Develops “Magic Mirror”

Because it does not involve actual makeup being applied to your face, the simulator has many advantages to this over the traditional in-store makeover. It is faster, allows for more experimentation, and is definitely more hygienic. Additionally, the machine can store several still images from each makeover session, allowing the customer to compare different looks before making a decision about which combination of colors looks best on them.

Currently the Shiseido makeup simulator can be seen in London, and there are plans to roll out another 12 units across Europe.

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