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5 Of The World’s Most Intelligent People

Qossay Takroori 2009/05/20

It was really difficult to come up with a list of the most intelligent people because there are many of them, and it depends on your definition of intelligence. But I was able to list the top 5 that I think they are extraordinary people in terms of excellence and achievements.

Sir Isaac Newton:

This genius was born in 1642 and died in 1727, he was a mathematician and physicist and natural philosopher. Born at Woolsthorpe, near Grantham in Lincolnshire, where he attended school, he entered Cambridge University in 1661; he was elected a Fellow of Trinity College in 1667. He formulated laws of universal gravitation and motion-laws that

5 Of The Worlds Most Intelligent People

explain how objects move on Earth as well as through the heavens. If you ever taken a physics you would learn about his three popular laws, and you may hear the apply story that led him to discover the theory of force and gravity. He basically saw an apply fall in his orchard at some time during 1665 or 1666 that Newton conceived that the same force governed the motion of the Moon and the apple. He calculated the force needed to hold the Moon in its orbit, as compared with the force pulling an object to the ground. He also calculated the centripetal force needed to hold a stone in a sling, and the relation between the length of a pendulum and the time of its swing. These early explorations were not

soon exploited by Newton, though he studied astronomy and the problems of planetary motion.. Because he was cleaver in math, he invited the area of mathematics called calculus “used to be called method of fluxions“. While still a student, Newton read recent work on optics and light by the English physicists Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke; he also studied both the mathematics and the physics of the French philosopher and scientist René Descartes. All these amazing discoveries made his take our number one of the world’s most intelligent people.

Albert Einstein:

He is considered one of the greatest and most popular scientists of all time. He was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, 5 Of The Worlds Most Intelligent People Germany, on March 14, 1879. After World War II, Einstein was a leading figure in the World Government Movement, he was offered the Presidency of the State of Israel, which he declined, and he collaborated with Dr. Chaim Weizmann in establishing the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. At the start of his scientific work, Einstein realized the inadequacies of Newtonian mechanics and his special theory of relativity stemmed from an attempt to reconcile the laws of mechanics with the laws of the electromagnetic field. He dealt with classical problems of statistical mechanics and problems in which they were merged with quantum theory: this led to an explanation of the Brownian movement of molecules. He investigated the thermal properties of light with a low radiation density and his observations laid the foundation of the photon theory of light. Albert Einstein received honorary doctorate degrees in science, medicine and philosophy from many European and American universities. One last note, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics 1921.

5 Of The Worlds Most Intelligent People “I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term Natural Selection.” You may have guessed who I am talking about; yes it’s the naturalist Charles Darwin who lived between 1809 -1882. Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. Darwin was born on the same day as Abraham Lincoln. He was the fifth child and second son of Robert Waring Darwin and Susannah Wedgwood. Darwin was the British naturalist who became famous for his theories of evolution and natural selection. Like several scientists before him, Darwin believed all the life on earth evolved (developed gradually) over millions of years from a few common ancestors.

Socrates: (469-399)

despite his foundational place in the history of ideas, actually wrote nothing. Socrates wrote nothing because he felt that knowledge was a living, interactive thing. Socrates’ method of philosophical inquiry consisted in questioning 5 Of The Worlds Most Intelligent People people on the positions they asserted and working them through questions into a contradiction, thus proving to them that their original assertion was wrong. Socrates himself never takes a position; in The Apology he radically and skeptically claims to know nothing at all except that he knows nothing. Socrates and Plato refer to this method of questioning as elenchus , which means something like “cross-examination” The Socratic elenchus eventually gave rise to dialectic, the idea that truth needs to be pursued by modifying one’s position through questioning and conflict with opposing ideas. It is this idea of the truth being pursued, rather than discovered, that characterizes Socratic thought and much of our world view today. The Western notion of dialectic is somewhat Socratic in nature in that it is conceived of as an ongoing process. Although Socrates in The Apology claims to have discovered no other truth than that he knows no truth, the Socrates of Plato’s other earlier dialogues is of the opinion that truth is somehow attainable through this process of elenchus .

Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519:

A painter, a sculptor, an architect and an engineer, Leonardo Da Vinci’s numerous skills have earned him the title of renaissance master. Da Vinci’s fascination with science and his in-depth study of human anatomy aided him in mastering the realist art form. While Leonardo’s counterparts were known to create static figures in their works, 5 Of The Worlds Most Intelligent People Leonardo always tried to incorporate movement and expression into his own paintings. All the personages in his works are painted with great accuracy and detail that it is sometimes said that Da Vinci painted from the bones outward. Leonardo was and is best known as an artist, the creator of such masterpieces as the Mona Lisa, Madonna of the Rocks, and The Last Supper. Yet Leonardo was far more than a great artist: he had one of the best scientific minds of his time. He made painstaking observations and carried out research in fields ranging from architecture and civil engineering to astronomy to anatomy and zoology to geography, geology and paleontology. In the words of his biographer Giorgio Vasari. Leonardo knew well the rocks and fossils (mostly Cenozoic mollusks) found in his native north Italy. No doubt he had ample opportunity to observe them during his service as an engineer and artist at the court of Lodovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, from 1482 to 1499: Vasari wrote that “Leonardo was frequently occupied in the preparation of plans to remove mountains or to pierce them with tunnels from plain to plain.” He made many observations on mountains and rivers, and he grasped the principle that rocks can be formed by deposition of sediments by water, while at the same time the rivers erode rocks and carry their sediments to the sea, in a continuous grand cycle.

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  • Shane

    Robert Boyle was irish, not english. Also, Gauss should be there instead of Darwin.Darwin made a great discovery, but he is not in the same league as Gauss when it comes to intelligence

  • Quark

    I would have thought Stephen Hawking earned a top five place.

    • Oscar Obadiah Oxford

      But Hawkins is a robot, so surely that must be in a different category.

  • mitoo9

    the five intelegents…..are the world weare in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  • capital99

    This is by no means an accurate list; these five are, yes, very famous people, but to say that they are the 5 most intelligent humans is ridiculous. Has the author of this even considered the thousands of Indian, Arabic and Chinese scholars who made invaluable contributions to modern science and philosophy????

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    and archimède !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lellymelly

    albert einsteins definetly up there but some of them arent. oh, by the way, where was this website published?


    i was not xpecting to see da vinci in this list, at least if this list was for the most famous individuals. please help me with the criteria used to rate this individuals.

  • foxmorocco

    the five intelegents…..are the world weare in!!!!!!!!!!!!!but also

    and the intligent people in the world is morocco people

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    i think this zhiit zuckz


    Dear friend


    by chance surfing the web I found your web site . Reakky very useful infornation. I appreciate.


    Dear friend


    by chance surfing the web I found your web site . Really very useful infornation. I appreciate.

  • azal

    hi u should say the most well known people becose there s very intelligent people who didn t had the chance to be known or attend schols that s why.nd even thow in the well known people category what about alkhawarizmi algorythm avicena medical researsh averoes nd …..nd its all the persian well known people i know.try again

    • Qossay Takroori

      Hey there, thanks for stopping by

  • Chris McAulay

    If you look at the accomplishments of Ray Kurzweil and the fact he has something like 14 doctorates is worth a top place!

  • david

    what is the criterion for selection?.


    dear friends

    the people mentioned above may be intelligent

    but the most intelligent person who ever lived in this world is "SWAMI VIVEKANAND"

    He was an indian person who was exceptionable in witt and memory

    he was a genius who could even outwit anyone

    hail india

  • Two

    The Filipinos have many different scientist. And I assured that.

  • Amer.T

    Thank you for your efforts. However, i've get to comment. Darwin's theory of evolution has been falsified long ago and recenly incisively. It depends on definition of intelligence as you said, but whatever it would be, Darwin won't fit in the first five.

    Also, where are the Arabian scientists of the Islamic Caliphate?! Ibn Sina, Ibn Haytham, Ibn Khaldoon, Ibn Battoota. They've been the intitiative ones. They've made it easy for the scientists you've mentioned to discover. You're not to be blamed. Media stresses on Europian cultures rather than Islamic and Middle Eastern cultures.

    Anyway, it isn't fair to give rankings. There must be better scientists who didn't approach publicity!! Hopefully, we'll be ones. Take care of your own knowledge and don't care for others; they're dead. Just take their knowledge and get on the train!

    • Qossay Takroori

      Thank you Amer for your comment. I totally agree with you. Science Founders were Arab. I am going to write a special post about the most intelligent Arab scientists.

  • tushar

    hey! i think they r forgetting ARYABHATTA also bcoz he invented and discover a very important thing and that is “0″. we cannot define mathe matics without “0″. we cannot think to forward in the field of science and mathematics without zero. mathematics began with zero and ends on zero.

  • 123

    there's no way to determine the "5 most intelligent persons", due to plethora of variables.

    btw, regarding 'darwinism',
    it appears the 'falsifications' have been (pre-emptorily) debunked.

    you could more rationally claim that Newtonian mechanics have been 'falsified' (the misuse of the word falsify is humorously odd, btw)

  • goli

    its verry interestin but i think albert einstein is more clever than isaac newton i ddont nkow is it right???

  • Vern

    What happened to proof reading an article before having it published?

  • abhijeet gore

    I Agree With The List And happy that "Da Vinci" Is There,That Dude Touched Like Every Branch Of Science And Tech. Gr8 Work Man

  • france

    Wow how I wish I could be like them! What's their secret to have gone that far? Well, I really appreciated persons like them…..I hope their inventions will not be diminish as time past by and be remained as bases of studies of the future students.

  • edmond

    Leonardo Da Vinci is an alchemyst to, right?

  • Ganesh R

    How foolish we are! Why did u omit Nikola Tesla's name. He is indeed world's most genius. To know why read below. And u would say tesla is the most genius
    Tesla is the genius who made RADIO and who lit this world! Yet we forgot him and many of us dont know his name either!In addition to Marconi, two of his contemporaries Nikola Tesla and Nathan Stufflefield took out patents for wireless radio transmitters. Nikola Tesla is now credited with being the first person to patent radio technology; the Supreme Court overturned Marconi's patent in 1943 in favor of Tesla.But we still sayMarconi did it, but he actually stole the idea from Tesla.We should thank Tesla for this world with all facilities!!Nikola Tesla is considered the father our modern technological age. This program reveals the discoveries of a forgotten genius, many of which went unnoticed for nearly a century. How did this obscure visionary from obscure visionary from what is now Yugoslavia lay the foundation for modern communication – and which of his inventions were considered a little too revolutionary by government agencies and the power brokers of the time. Among his discoveries are: fluorescent light, the laser beam, wireless communications, wireless transmission of electrical energy, remote control, robotics, Tesla’s turbines and vertical take off aircraft. Tesla is the father of the radio and the modern electrical transmission system. Tesla registered over 700 patents worldwide. His vision included power from the sea, exploration of solar energy, the discovery ofcosmic radio waves, andthe use of the ionosphere for scientific purposes. He foresaw interplanetary communications and satellites.You know, he once changed a day into night in USA, by using high voltage into ionosphere!! He had 700 patents, the person who built first hydrostatic AC generator, in the Niagara Waterfalls. Tesla could receive wireless signals from Mars!He is the father of wireless energy transmission! He lightened a bulb miles away from his home with out wires! He made a tower known as Wardenclyff tower for generating free energy from earth's magnetic field and to transmit them to wholeworld with a single tower which was being constructed at New York! But due to drop of sponsors he coud not complete them!If I start to say about him it would take nearly 2 hours, just to give a hours, just to give a small introduction abouthim! Then why the hell we forgot him! Tesla!He is the most intelligent scientist born till the date! Even Sir. Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein is not eligible for a comparison with him. He is indeed the most brilliant! Newton and Einstein just made theories, but Tesla made a lot many things which is impossible for normal human beings to think, one reason is that he was crazy about electrical things. Even after 200 years we wont be able to developthe undeveloped things Tesla had left.He found many things? If you have a good heart please spread this message and let others know who he was! I don't force you to beleive all these things, these are unitesel facts about him. I just want you to remember him!Further references about Tesla Search in google Telsa or goto :- teslasociety[dot]com



  • funwidmasti

    i dont thing these persons were so gr8..!!

  • weto

    It is shame that you forgot to mention NIKOLA TESLA. And putting Darwin is silly. All these lists are copy-pased and frivolous. It is quite clear that creator of this ranking doesn't know much about science!

  • alright…

    I think it's funny how you guys are arguing about the people who should be listed on this list. but if you guys really think about it. it doesn;t really matter. all of those people you list can be intelligent.

  • U.K

    Nowhere near right these guys were not the most intelligent….. I AM……..!!!!!!!

    • Jack W

      It would appear Charlie Sheen has found refuge in the "U.K"!!!!!!!

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      and you will find out that you actually their theories more anyone on an ordinary scale..

  • Maleeha

    Some people are born clever, but they are not good at learning, some appear to be dumb, but are the most intelligent ones with good learning power, here we’ll tell you about people, who are extra ordinary, who has the capability to learn more, and have the retaining power no one can ever think of.


  • lurie sabulo

    hmm…every one of us have dfrent intelligent! so be fair whoever n the list above, just accept 8!

    • reymar

      yah ur right but i beg to dis agree on the rank above cause God is the most intelligent not isaac newton he's nothing compare to God

    • sheryl mae lafuente

      hmm………we have different intelligent but why the other do not understand the lesson?<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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    Nikola Tesla? Heard of Him?

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    the correct list is

    this is a serialwise list which i think to be accurate one.

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    nice one

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    in next future i will one of them
    i love Einstein very very much 

  • Me_farooq2002

    The most intellegent evergreen person is ” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)….Nobody can be greater than him.If you want to know then kindly go throgh his preach and guidelines said by him……

    • Lukeroberts200

      No. Muhammad was a pedophile, slave sanctioner and enemy of the freedom of women who accomplished nothing but setting back the advance of middle eastern science since 1000AD and relegating it to the medieval world of authoritative monotheism and superstition. 

      • roro

        plz don’t say that 

      • roro

        don’t talk non-sense , you don’t know him well, and u just offended a whole religion.. plz be respectful to others.   

        • Muhammed_hater

           so i guess facts can’t be said here, then all stfu

          • PickedNoah

             Guys, Muhammad peace be upon him is the master of human beings, no doubts about it, But If you must tell people about Islam & Muhammad, there are other ways than that .

  • Qeri

    Newton is the best, but I can not see others even better in this list.

  • David-1996

    Leonardo Da Vinci is my favourite by far

  • jimmy

    did anyone else notice there are only four, or is me

    • Actually, they made a teeny tiny thing about Darwin, whom frankly deserves third or second on the list (placed at third currently) due to the whole evolution theory and the both truth and genius of it. By the way, there’s fossils of four legged fishes. By the way, all the other … named people are different people completely.

  • Woxmultimedia

    Enyone ever heard of Nikola Tesla? Hello? What planet do you live on? He can be easily placed on the top of this list… think about it…

    • Sjaak

       Yes he is #1

    • Some of these people shouldn’t be on the list, but tesla shouldn’t top it either.

  • N Margret S 1995

    true, all the greats are male :/

  • Junar_legaspi

    it thought that albert is the smartest ?!

    • Bla

       then you’re stupid

      • Actually, common education at this time teaches you that Albert is the smartest, sometimes conflicting with Hawkins, for reasons unknown to me.

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    I can’t believe it, How they left me off the list, Oh stupid world :(

    • !!!

      Comedy. How we all need a jokester to laugh at for the reason of entertainment and stimulation of a small part of the mind.

  • Adsa

    let see. Newton believed in creations theory(he took bible literary). So he wasn’t a genius, Da Vincies
    machines didn’t work. Socrates maybe didn’t even exist, and Albert Einstein stole the theory of relativity from a man called Henri Poincaré

    • Shytee1

      Da Vinci was a genius not just for no machines, Socrates did exist, why wouldn’t he yeah look at what year he was born he was the truth and he was a Philosopher as well as my all time favorite and forget everybody else

    • Highly controversial, of course. Religion does not dispute intelligence, and Henri didn’t make the theory himself. Much like hawking with the black hole theory, Einstein honed and polished up the theory.

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    You’re an idiot!

  • ….

    Please stop shoving your beliefs down our throats. While religion is controversial, intelligence is not.

  • Michaelrabb newtonma

    Amazing..Great to Know about all these Genius..Thanks a lot..

  • Challotte

    Personally I think William James Sidis is the best ,I mean the guy is a fricken genius,well at least until he ruined his life and died a penniless desk clerk.Reading the amazing post about him I was surprised not to see his name first on the list.I mean 200-300 IQ -who the f*********ck could beat that.I looked at his picture and my eyes just seemed to bore into his .His parents were from Russia and if anyone would ask me which country in the world was the most intelligent I would say that it was Russia.Not forgetting the 3rd most intelligent person in the world is Garry Kasparov(World Chess Champion)-again a Russian and the guy who beat him -Vladimir Kramnik is again a Russian.Being a member of a foreign country I would easily side with my own country ,but in this case I don’t think so.

  • Lavon

    Hellooo! aren’t you forgetting ,yes,William James Sidis parents might have been from Russia but originally he himself was born in USA and Since when was Russia apart of any of this.

  • Challotte

    Oh and wasn’t it his parents who influenced him.Not forgetting they themselves were guinieses .So I for one think that the parents or Russia should be fully credited besides where you truly are from depends on where your parents are from, since they brought you into this world.(Right…….)