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Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 11 – Fake Landing Explained

Qossay Takroori 2009/07/20

Since the first time human set the first foot on the moon, people from all over the world had doubts and questions about the claimed landing. NASA has provided us with many pictures taken when astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon 40 years ago.

Many scientists said that Apollo 11 landing was absolutely total fake, because you can tell from the pictures that there are some obvious evidences show that the landing was all made up and created on Earth not the moon. The people behind these images missed to apply many of scientific information, that allowed us to bust them down.

In this image you can see that the American flag is flapping right? well, the flag shouldn’t be flapping because the image was taken in an airless lunar surface. There are few Youtube Apollo 11 video landing showing the flag flapping and other astronaut acting on the surface of the moon. Watch it at the end of this article.

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 11   Fake Landing Explained

We know from NASA that when Apollo landed in July 1969, only two people walked on the moon Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin. Look at this image you would see Neil and Edwin, but who took that picture? Who is that third person? Big question ha? take a look at the shadow carefully, it looks like a another person took the photograph, He/she seems also not wearing the spacesuit.

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 11   Fake Landing Explained

That’s nonsense, said Bad Astronomy’s Plait commenting on this image, he explains that moondust, or regolith, is “like a finely ground powder. When you look at it under a microscope, it almost looks like volcanic ash. So when you step on it, it can compress very easily into the shape of a boot.” And those shapes could stay pristine for a long while thanks to the airless vacuum on the moon. The astronauts’ prints are a bit too clear for being made on a bone-dry world. Prints that well defined could only have been made in wet sand.

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 11   Fake Landing Explained

Apollo Moon Hoax? Dr. David Groves Analysis

This is not the only time NASA hidden information from us, remember few months back when former NASA astronaut, Edgar Mitchell revealed alien secret and said that he believes that life exists elsewhere in the universe but the U.S government and NASA are hiding the information?

Proof of moon landing hoax!

Via – National Geographic

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  • miki

    This is seriously ridiculous! There was some interesting points you fairly raised but to then use obviously fake footage with a light crashing in the background discredits any of what you are saying.

    If you want to be taken seriously, only use REAL evidence. Don't use tactics you accuse NASA of. Also you may want to EDIT your article as there are quite a few mistakes.

    Check out Mythbusters.

    • maw

      Cool I saw that on Mythbusters too. I think they have proven that the moon landing hoax was indeed a myth.

      • http://Palscience.com Qossay Takroori

        Could you please link to the video you are talking about?

      • Akshay

        but mythbusters might be being paid by the goverment and why would you ruin that also in any of the following pics have no stars and dont say its cloudy

    • Qossay Takroori

      Look at the end of the post, my source is the National Geographic channel website. Why would they fabricate the images? why would they publish such an article if it was proven to be a myth?

  • Alex Jankovics

    I’ve just finished analyzing more than 500 NASA Apollo images by Adobe Photoshop CS4.

    I enhanced the sky portion of the images.

    To my surprise I found the Moon in the sky of several images, I found shooting stars, two landing modules (in the same image) and the stars in position as seen from the Earth. And not a shred of evidence that any Man has ever been on the Moon.

    See for detail: http://members.shaw.ca/alex11/moonhoax/
    So I conclude that the images were faked by NASA. Then come the Europeans and the Japanese, and they can not see landing sites. Then comes NASA and they produce a black square and say this is the lunar rover. Would u believe yourself that to be true? I doubt it.

    Just the simple fact that 40 years ago, with very basic electronic end instrumentation technology they could land on the Moon, but it takes 40 years with very sophisticated technology and we still do not have clear images of the landing sites, proves to me that such landings never took place.

    Some of the argument to prove the hoax are wrong (mainly related to shade) some are right, this means that it was a hoax.

    With Respect


  • Cosmored

    The evidence that the moon missions were faked is crushing. Here's a link to some of the evidence.

    3w's (dot) spurstalk (dot) com/forums/showthread (dot) php?t=144487

  • IMF

    I entirely believe that NASA put Neil and "Buzz" on the moon as i too watched the mythbusters episode about the hoax. It doesnt matter how many outrageous are made by either party, the fact remains that until another expedition to the moon is made; so they can send back pictures and live video of the prints and other evidence, the fact remains a mystery.

  • IMF


  • bill

    The Myth Busters didn't prove anything at all. There proof that the rock shadows were from rocks on small hills is completely rediculous (as are the myth buster idiots!). All the rocks were on the exact same hills producing the same impossible angles…laughable! If you examine all the questionable photos, you'll see clearly the rocks are on nearly flat surfaces. Another of their "busts" was the flapping flag. As many dumb skeptics have claimed, the flag was due to the movement of the astro-not holding it. Worng again, because if you examine all the flag shots there are instances where no one is holding the flag and it's moving on it's own!!! And how do you explain the hundreds of perfect photos taken without looking in the view finder with cameras that needed to had to be manually focused? (with bulky "pressurized" suits and gloves). Not to mention the Van Allen radiation belts/ and over 1400 sloar flares, which are not passable by anything living. It's really laughable (it if weren't for the 30 billion dollar tax payer cost….USA = SUCKERS


    Obviously it was all pieced together at Hollywood.. and must have been a Hollywood comedy.. oh my word! I am on the fone to NASA now!!!!

  • Fauna Samuel

    I am so very embarrassed that we continue to talk about the "landing" as if we could actually believe such an event ever took place. I think we know very well (even back then) that it was just high drama and entertainment – Just a distraction from something else more potent. What important devastating event did we ignore 40 years ago?

  • Use your head!

    Would you believe 40,000 people worked on the project to land a man on the moon and none of them ever said it was a hoax. Could 40,000 people keep a secret now thats unbelieveable! Sure next they will be telling us that people can fly ha!

  • Lloyd Mallan

    These foolish articles are nothing but lazy, yellow journalism. Until someone can tell me who "guynes" and "h. Jones"are and why they are credited as the photographer and inspector for apollo imagery,i will continue enlightening todays youth with my direct evidence of fraud. sorry folks, but this is one pieceof several that I possess, that are not uncovered by general public yet that proves hoax, apollo was fake.

  • Zac

    To think that something as influential as the moon landing is a hoax is simply childish. Why would they lie? I understand that the Cold War was in full swing, but it also raises the question as to why the USSR wouldn't bother to head to the moon if we had faked it. The concept that the USSR wouldn't rise to the occasion to expose all of the hoax while putting in there own video of them actually going to the moon. It only makes sense that the only reason that the USSR didn't do it was because they knew that they were beaten and that they couldn't go up shouting that they got second place. Common sense goes a long way when thinking about these ridiculous hoaxes and myths. So please, stop fooling yourselves and trying to diminish the intelligence of others to build your own pathetic cult.

  • Myths Busted
  • ADinks

    YEE-HAW1EIU28E290…is about how much sense this post makes. Keep smoking that wonderful stuff, boys.